Tomas Gonzalez Blanco Biondo is a filmmaker, writer, street photographer, video editor and sound designer. He was born in Mexico City in 1997 and currently resides in San Francisco, CA. He has also lived in Madrid, Spain and in Southern California. He has extensive experience creating audio visual content, always striving to achieve creative excellence. He has been involved in different creative and technical positions in films, documentaries, artistic installations, and commercial and marketing projects. He got his BFA from California College of the Arts, majoring in Film & Media Arts and minoring in Visual Studies.


I try to channel contemplative, yet impulsive characteristics into my practice, which mainly consists of experimental film projects with a mixed media approach. My work mainly focuses on the exploration of semi-autobiographical characters and studies of time and location as subjects of their own through experimental filmmaking that I identify as visual poetry.


I am fascinated by the effects of the combination of photography, projections, video and sound design, and how that mixture creates a world that combines alienation and disconnection with unity and conciseness. My practice heavily relies on audio and picture disassociation, combination of imagery and poetry and experimental and off beat visuals and sound designs; this juxtaposition strives to combine polarizing emotions and expand them into miniature, organic yet calculated and ephemeral worlds.


I improvise and riff on recent personal occurrences, which leads to a constant use of one's personal life to create; I believe in using individual and raw experiences as a source of inspiration, and expanding my projects through the observation of the mundane, of the everyday life. I explore universal topics such as solitude, existentialism, death, pain, brotherhood, family and love; I view these topics through a very personal and subjective lens to strike a balance between individuality and global unity.

- Tomas Gonzalez Blanco Biondo



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